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At Master Craft Woodworks Inc, we love fine design and the rich, warm character that wood products can add to your life.

Our Commitment

We’ve designed and installed Wine Cellars, Doors, Cabinets, kitchens, libraries, entertainment centers, and home offices in some of the finest homes in Houston and surrounding areas, and furnished many with one-of-a-kind, custom mouldings, mantels, millwork and cabinetry.

Our team of craftsmen, design professionals, operations personnel and management are committed to meeting the needs and the best interests of our clients, fellow professionals, suppliers, tradesmen, and the environment.

One thing that is consistent at our store is fine quality furniture, and a knowledgeable staff that can help explain the why's and how's.

Our Goal

  • Not only is our furniture high quality, but is affordable.
  • We believe that lasting furniture begins with solid wood.
  • Much of our furniture is hand-crafted in the state of Texas.
  • Our store is locally owned and operated by a friendly staff.
  • We are proud to support our local economy and suppliers.

Our Clients

Best Quality

Daily Change Workstation

In order to keep pace with this goal we adapt to changes in technology and the latest advancements in environmental sciences while never losing sight of the quality and craftsmanship that have earned us our excellent reputation.

Best Quality

Clean Business Theme

A beautiful door offers light, shadow, depth and sometimes even mystery. It catches your eye from across the room. It makes entering and leaving an event. It accentuates your personal style.

Best Quality

What a difference a craftmaster door makes

It's like the difference between a blank look and a face lined with personality. One drains a room of life, the other brings it to life. It is the same with your interior doors.